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December 2021: WIZnet Ethernet HAT Design Contest 2022

WIZnet has announced a new design contest with free samples of W5100S-EVB-Pico and WIZnet Ethernet HAT

WIZnet Ethernet HAT Design Contest 2022 promotion

All free samples for European customers will be shipped from our office in Germany.

December 2021: W5100S-EVB-Pico in stock

The brand new W5100S-EVB-Pico is now available in stock.

October 2021: Raspberry Pico ahead

WIZnet has released two products for the well-known Raspberry Pi Pico. The Pico can be extended by the HAT - Hardware Attached on Top to have a wired Ethernet connection. With the brand new W5100S-EVB-Pico the RP2040 is directly bundled with the latest network chip from WIZnet.

Please note: The W5100S-EVB-Pico is not in stock yet, but will be in stock in a couple of days. All orders will be shipped as soon as the parts are available.

July 2021: PCN for WizFI630S

A Change Notification for the WizFI630S has been relased. The PCB has been updated to improve connection capabilities and the soldering of the metal shield was enhanced. The PCN is available on request for all customers. Please contact us for further information.

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