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Evaluation Board for the WIZ750SR-100 Serial-to-Ethernet Module with the W7500 chip.

Product Description
Please note: This module has been released as WIZ750JR-EVB and has been renamed to WIZ750SR-100-EVB in January 2018.

The WIZ750SR-100-EVB is an evaluation board for the WIZ750SR-100 Serial to Ethernet module. It contains the following parts: the WIZ750SR-100 evaluation board equipped with the WIZ750SR-100 module, a Cat 5 Ethernet cable, a RS232 cable and a micro USB type B cable. The WIZ750SR-100 is the serial to Ethernet module using W7500 & IC+PHY Chip.



  • Serial to Ethernet Module based on W7500 & PHY chip
  • Serial signals : TXD, RXD, RTS, CTS, GND (DTR, DTS optional)
  • 10/100Mbps Ethernet & Max.230kbps serial speed

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More Information
Manufacturer WIZnet
Dimension 70 mm x 105 mm
Ethernet I/F PHY
Operating Temperature 0 °C to +70 °C
Operating Voltage 5 V
Functions 4-in-1, MCU + TCP/IP + MAC + PHY
Auto Negotiation Yes
Network sockets count 8
internal DPRAM buffer memory 32 kB
Package stand alone PCB
Wake on Lan Yes
Power Down Mode Yes
Protocol IPv4
MCU core ARM Cortex M0
ROM 128 kB
RAM 48 kB
I/O ports stand alone PCB
Connector Type DB9
Ethernet connector RJ45
pin pitch 2.00 mm
voltage regulator (LDO) Yes
Ethernet Speed 10/100
UART (max speed) 921 k
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