TrustKey T110 Security Key

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USB-A hardware security key made for FIDO2 authentication using eWBM's MS500 and a touch sensor

The TrustKey T110 is a USB-A hardware security key made for FIDO2™️ authentication using eWBM's MS500, a powerful microprocessor with extensive security features and a touch sensor.

Certified with the new FIDO2 standard, the T110 provides the benefit of fast login and strong protection against phishing, account takeover as well as many other online attacks. Simply plug T110 into a USB port according to the login procedure then type in the PIN and touch the sensor on the key to complete the login and access the account.

Supports true passwordless login to services such as Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) joined Windows devices even in flight mode. In addition, it is compatible with all the major web browsers where WebAuthn is implemented and works seamlessly on online services like Azure AD, Google, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, and more.

Also, the T110 offers a strong authentication with its One-Time Password feature (KeyManager required). Unlike static passwords, OTPs are not susceptible to replay attacks and thus allow its user secure online transactions.

T110 is a hardware security key for the general public and enterprise deployment – it is fast, easy to use, and affordable.

More Information
Manufacturer Trustkey
Certification CE, FCC, KC, RoHS
Fido Authenticator Level 1
FIDO Standard FIDO2
USB Connector Type USB A
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